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    Bank Cards security rules    

Compliance with the recommendations contained in this section, will ensure maximum protection of banking card, its details, the PIN and other data. It will also reduce possible risks during transactions in ATM, cashless payment for goods and services, including operations through Internet.

General recommendations

1. Never give the PIN to any third party;

2. PIN must be remembered. If it is difficult to remember, keep it separately from your bank card on inaccessible to third parties area;

3. Do not (under any circumstances)give your bank card for use to any third party. Only person whose name and surname is printed on the card has the right to use a bank card;

4. When you receive a banking card, make your signature on the back of the card (on signature panel). This will reduce the risk of the use of a banking card without your consent in case of loss;

5. Be attentive to the conditions of storage and the use of banking card. Do not expose your bank card to mechanical, thermal and electromagnetic impacts and avoid getting it wet. Do not store banking card next to the mobile phone, home and office equipment;

6. Contact details of bank – the issuer of a banking card are printed on the back side of  banking card. You must always keep with yourself contact details of bank, bank card number on your notebook, mobile phone or any other media, but do not keep it with PIN together.

7. Do not respond to requests including requests from bank employeeto disclose personal information or banking card information (including PIN). Contact the bank - the issuer of a banking card and inform about this fact;

8. It is not recommended to answer e-mails in which in the name of bank (bank - the issuer of a credit card) you are asked to provide personal information. Do not follow the "links" shown in the mail (including the link to the webpage of the bank);

9. For the purpose of information exchange with bank - the issuer of a banking card (bank that issued the bank card), must use only essential elements of communication (mobile and fixed-line phones, fax machines, interactive web-page/portal, e-mail, etc.), which are specified in the documents obtained directly from bank - the issuer of a banking card;

10. Remember that in case of disclosure of the PIN, personal data, the loss of a banking card, there is a risk of fraudulent operations with amounts on your bank account by a third party.If there are assumptions of PIN disclosure, personal data or banking card loss, which may cause illegal actions, you must immediately contact the bank - the issuer of a banking card and follow the instructions from employee of the bank. Please note, that you take the risk of unauthorized transactions until your notification to the bank. According to the agreement with the bank–funds which had been debited from your account prior to notification of the bank will not be refunded from bank.


Recommendations for transactions, which are performed at an ATM


1. Perform operations using the ATMs installed in high security locations (e.g., government agencies, bank branches, large shopping malls, hotels, airports, etc.);

2. Do not use devices that require PIN for access to the area where the ATM is located;

3. If there are other persons near an ATM, choose a more appropriate time to use the ATM or use another ATM;

4. Before using the ATM, inspect it for any additional devices that do not meet its design and are located on the PIN pador set in card slot. In case such fact takes place, please refrain from the use of such ATMs;

5. In case the Pin pad or card slot are equipped with additional devices that do not match its design, please refrain from the use of a bank card in that ATM and report about suspicion to the employees of the bank at the phone number indicated on the ATM;

6. Do not apply pressure to insert a card in the ATM. If a banking card could not be inserted, please refrain from the use of such ATMs;

7. Dial PIN so that the people, who are near you, could not see it. Cover keyboard with your hand when typing PIN;

8. If the ATM is not working properly (for example, a long time in standby mode, spontaneous reboots), you should not use this ATM, you should cancel the current operation by pressing the keyboard button "Cancel", and wait for the return of a banking card;

9. After receiving cash from an ATM you should count allbanknotes, make sure that the bank card was returned from the ATM, wait for checkif it was required by you, then put them in a bag (purse, pocket). Only after these operations is recommended to leave the ATM;

10. You should keep the ATM check for subsequent verification of the amounts specified there with your bank account;

11. Do not listen to the advice of third parties, and also do not take their help when making operations with banking cards at ATMs;

12. If during the card transaction processing at an ATM cash machine does not return your banking card, you should call the bank using the telephone number indicated on the ATM and explain the circumstances of the incident and you also should contact the bank - the issuer of a banking card and follow the advice of employee of bank.

Recommendations for transactions, which are performed at merchants


1. Do not use bank cards in untrusted merchants;

2. Require card transactions to be made in your presence. This is necessary to reduce the risk of illegal acquisition of personal data from your banking card;

3. When you use a banking card for payment of goods and services, the cashier may require from you banking card, ID, signature on the receipt or PIN entry on PIN pad. Before dialing the PIN, make sure that the people near you are not be able to see it. Before signing a check, you should check the amount indicated on the check;

4. If payment operation was"unsuccessful",you must save a copy of the check issued by the terminal in order to check that this operation is not appearing in your bank account statement.


Recommendations for transactions, which are performed through internet


1. Do not use PIN when ordering goods or services over the Internet, by phoneor fax;

2. Do not give out personal information or information about banking card accountthrough Internet, such as passwords toaccess the resources of the bank, the validity and number of a banking card, credit limits, transaction history, other personal data;

3. In order to prevent illegal actions of debiting your bank account, it is recommended to make purchases through the Internet using a separate banking card;

4. Use onlyweb pages of well-known and proven organizations;

5. Be sure you choose the correct web address, because similar addresses may be used by fraudsters;

6. It is recommended to make purchases only from your computer in order to preserve the confidentiality of personal data and information on the banking card account. If a purchase is made using someone else's computer, it is not recommended to keep in personal data and other information, and after the completion of all operations you must ensure that the personal data and other information arenot saved (reload the browser page of web-seller on which occurred purchase);

7. Install anti-virus software on your computer and update it regularly. You should also  updateany other software (operating system and applications), in order to protect you from malicious software.

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