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The main goal and mission of the JSC "International Bank of Azerbaijan - Georgia" (The Bank "IBA-Georgia") is to provide the interests and strengthening of the positions of the Azeri capital on perspective Georgian market and promote comprehensive development of economic cooperation between Azerbaijan and Georgia through introduction of interstate programs, participation in joint projects, economic and technical assistance to potential participants of the Azeri-Georgian economic relations and also enhancement of its positions in the banking sector of Georgia based on introduction of the modernized banking functions and services, including participation in the insurance and leasing business operations in the future.

The Bank "IBA-Georgia" intends to elaborate the network tailored to the standards of modern and universal banking service.

One of the strategies of the Bank "IBA-Georgia" is to differentiate credit and deposit channels with their adaptation to the social needs of various parts of the population.

With the portfolio of initial investments and variety of credit lines, the Bank "IBA - Georgia" has become one of the leading foreign banks in the banking sector of Georgia.

The clients group of the Bank "IBA - Georgia" includes corporate and both resident and non-resident consumers.

The Bank "IBA - Georgia" plans to enlarge the list of clients by means of improved credit opportunities analysis and monitoring policy.

The Bank "IBA - Georgia" is equipped with the modern technical facilities. It has the direct communication link with JSC "International Bank of Azerbaijan" in Baku thanks to modern network infrastructure and fiber-optic channel.

The clients of the Bank "IBA - Georgia" can conduct banking operations independently without coming to the Bank "IBA - Georgia" officies using the banking program "Bank-Client".

The Bank "IBA - Georgia" has two working office premises, including the clients' modern service center and the banks administration building.

In the near run, the Bank "IBA - Georgia" also intends to open its branches in the southern part of Georgia where Azeris present a significant part of the local population.
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