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For Corporate CustomersLoans and Financing
    Loans and Financing    
-    Short-, mid- and long-term credit lines;
-    Credit lines for small and medium businesses;
-    Credit lines for investment projects;
-    Syndicate crediting.
A credit claim raised by either resident or non-resident will be considered within five working days. The credit would be issued in the national or other free currency based on guarantees. The real estate that legally forms the property of the claimer or the property of the third party (if this party agrees to provide the interests of the claimer) can be considered as the guarantee for the banking transaction.
Each claim for the credit line is considered on an individual basis. In case of a positive solution by the bank, the financial resources are transferred to the account of the claimer fully or partially, or directly to the account of the counteragent according to his/her order.
  Currency Rates  
  USD 2.6620 2.7700 2.7303  
  EUR 2.7610 2.9200 2.8649  
  GBP 3.2275 3.4320 3.3574  
  RUB 0.0409 0.0463 4.5443  
  AZN 1.0500 1.5500 1.5136  
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